La Carte de Oaxaca Seattle

Not all Good Meals Need To Break the Bank

Not all great meals in Seattle will require you to take out a line of credit. Not all great meals in Seattle are cooked by culinary professionals in bleach white chef coats and hipster style aprons. Some merely require the same passion and heart that lives in the culture to flow through the food. Read More..

Bakery Nouveau Seattle

Have you ever come to a store and seen it spilling out people and wondered, is it worth it? Why is the place on that top 10 list? Or where did all these people even come from? There are so many other great ice cream shops, restaurants or bakeries? Why are people here? I have these questions all the time when I walk around Seattle and I see the new fad restaurant crammed full of people or maybe it is just a local place that has been around for a long while. Read More..



Cold rainy days in Seattle are as common as the Mariners losing. What goes better with a cold rainy day then a warm bowl of soup. More specifically, a rich pork based broth that contains a decent amount of chili oil, egg, vegetables and noodles. The type of soup that has a dark layer of broth and a decent layer of rich pork fat floating on the topI am speaking of course, of Ramen.  Read More..

How to Win A James Beard Award the Right Way; Whale Wins

A James Beard Level Dinner or Just Another NW Meal

In a Chef’s eyes, the James Beard Award (Read #17) is like an Oscar for a movie star. It is the acknowledgement that you can duke it out with the best. A James Beard award tells young cooks to look up to you. It increases business, and increases the talent pool that wants to come work for you. Read More..

Where to Find Pulled Noodles? Beaverton?

A Story of Confused Noodles

Sometimes, I find that people make the mistake of thinking that good food only exists in the major cities and this is coming from a Seattleites, born and bred. As a Seattleites, I noticed that there seems to be some form of pretentious one-sided rivalry Seattle has towards Portland and it’s close suburbs. As if Portland will never have the level of uniqueness, talent or prowess that Seattle holds over them. Read More..

How to Cure a Case of the Mondays

How to Cure a Case of the Mondays

So it’s Monday again and I begrudgingly open my eyes to my alarm going off at 6 AM. When you wake up and you have been hit with the worse case of the Mondays, a clinically depressing, mind bending, soul ripping case of the Mondays, how are you supposed to fix that? You need something strong to knock you back and get you through the rest of the day.. Read More..

Stock Seattle Pho and Sandwiches

Stock Seattle; One of the Best Sandwiches around!
Seattle has hundreds (maybe thousands of Pho) restaurants. They line Aurora and dart two and fro in the University district. There are even a few “Chic” Pho Places, including Ba Bar which charge up to $11-15 for a bowl of grass fed beef pho and recently opened its new location in South Lake Union. Most of the time, I prefer the more questionable bowls of pho you get for $9 in the International District (I don’t know why…something is wrong with me). This post may make you think that I am going to talk about Pho.

Nope, this is the story about two sandwiches at a restaurant called Stock. Located near Greenlake, Stock Seattle sits on 65th and 5th. Their pho is good, well seasoned and has an underlying essence of star anise. However, don’t expect to get any beef broth…they only have vegetarian and chicken based broths(I know, that is a border line sin).

Sins aside…let’s talk about what Stock in Seattle does well. Its menu is small and its ingredients are organic and local. Say what you want about small menus, it takes a lot of confidence to say “This is all we offer, take it, or leave it, we know what we do well”. Instead of trying to market to everyone, Stock Seattle only wants people to come who like their product. Stock is not trying to prove anything, they know their sandwiches taste good and their pho is on point.

Read More..