Food and Travel

How to Win A James Beard Award the Right Way; Whale Wins
A James Beard Level Dinner or Just Another NW Meal In a Chef’s eyes, the James Beard Award (Read #17)
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Where to Find Pulled Noodles? Beaverton?
A Story of Confused Noodles Sometimes, I find that people make the mistake of thinking that good food only exists
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How to Cure a Case of the Mondays
How to Cure a Case of the Mondays So it’s Monday again and I begrudgingly open my eyes to my
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Culinary School

My First Pop Up Restaurant
Pop ups, at this point, are beyond just a fad. They are a great way for Chefs, cooks and early
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Chef Recommendations

Top 18 Cookbooks For 2017; Part 1
Happy 2017! I hope you all enjoyed 2016. Whether you had an amazing year or a poor one, 2017 is
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