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Midori Bakery Seattle
Midori Bakery There are lots of great bakeries in Seattle. I have a lot of personal favorites. Bakery Nouveau, General
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OOINK Ramen Cold rainy days in Seattle are as common as the Mariners losing. What goes better with a cold
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Best Restaurants to Take Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend on a Date in Seattle
Are you looking for somewhere to take out your significant other for Valentines Day? Perhaps you just have an anniversary
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Culinary School

20 Bits of Advice for a Young Cook
What Every Young Chef Should Know Have you just decided to become a Cook? Are you starting culinary school? There
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5 Things I Learned From Culinary School
The culinary arts program has been a very rewarding, yet stressful, experience for me. I have learned so much from
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My First Pop Up Restaurant
Pop ups, at this point, are beyond just a fad. They are a great way for Chefs, cooks and early
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Chef Recommendations

Top 10 Kitchen Power Tools 2016
Shout out to anyone who grew up with Tim the Tool Man Taylor. He had a love for power tools
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Top 18 Cook Books For 2017; Part 2
For those of you in 2017 who are a little more experienced in the kitchen, I have listed some of
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Top 18 Cookbooks For 2017; Part 1
Happy 2017! I hope you all enjoyed 2016. Whether you had an amazing year or a poor one, 2017 is
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