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It’s time to prep your Grandma’s bolognese and you love cutting all the vegetables by hand.

You gleefully grab an onion, some carrots and celery, grab some bowls to put the diced vegetables when you are done. Then, your heart drops.

You remember that your only cutting board is a small, marked up plastic cutting board that still kind of smells like the previous cloves of garlic you smashed on it.

Well…what can you do. There is no better option right?

Getting tired of your cutting board that is too small? Perhaps the smell of the last onion is still reminiscent in your plastic cutting board?

Maybe you just are looking for a cutting board that is much more beautiful than your current paper think plastic cutting board.

SoulFino has produced a beautiful bamboo cutting board just for you.

This answered a lot of my personal issues.

Personally, one of my biggest pet peeves as a Chef is having a cutting board that is too small.

It forces you to have to constantly look for space to cut your produce. That is why I believe cutting boards are meant to be larger, unless you are using it purely for decoration.

However, what is great about this cutting board, is that it also doubles as a great serving tray for cheese plates and crudite platters.

Most importantly, it is easy to clean!

But don’t take my word for it. Here is one of many happy reviews I have found on Amazon for this bamboo cutting board. Overall, this product has a 4.6 star out of 5.


This has been one of my favorite cutting boards. Second only to the cutting board table I got to work with at The Herbfarm.

If you are interested in buying a better cutting board here is the link to purchase from Amazon. Bamboo Cutting Board & Professional Heavy Duty Butcher Block

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