Baking Scale For Bakers

best baking scale


Do you want to cook like a professional chef?

Well..more like a professional baker.

As an experienced baker, pastry cook and dabbler in the arts of sweet.

I had to rely on the Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale to ensure high quality outcomes.

As a pastry cook, most of my recipes were in grams. So I did have to flip back and forth between grams and oz.

That is where this baking scale came in handy!

When I was baking gateau, bread, gelato, custard, and everything else.

What is also great about this scale. Is it is relativity cheap. Thankfully…

One weekend while I was away someone happened to steal my scale…

I never did find it, I just had to buy another scale.

Good luck with you baking excursions.



best baking scale

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