The Stand Mixer I Wish I Always Had

Growing up all we had was a whisk.

My grandma was accustom to using it, and swore by it.

So whenever I got to help her bake a cake, I always had to mix it by hand.

Whipping egg whites and whip cream was a pain of course.

Creaming sugar and butter was no picnic either.

All I wanted as a child was to have a stand mixer because I knew it would make my life easier.

Fast forward to my kitchen experience and thank goodness we had a stand mixer! It really did make everything so much easier.

I recall making Italian butter cream with it, which I had never really been able to do at home because  I never thought I could beat the butter and egg white mixture fast enough. Same goes for marshmallows, and large batches of egg whites.

A stand mixer allows you as a user the ability to focus more on other steps in the baking process rather than getting stuck for 10-15 minutes beating egg whites, or kneading dough.

I love having a stand mixer.

KitchenAid Mixer

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