Another Great Baking Book For Chefs

There are a lot of great baking books for chefs, bakers and home cooks alike.

What makes them great is that they really help the reader understand how baking works vs a list of recipes.

Recipes are everywhere in books and online.

If you really want to learn more about baking then you have to learn the techniques, not the recipes.

Maybe you want to do more than just bake bread.

That is where the Baking Bible comes into play. It doesn’t just teach the reader recipes, it teaches techniques from an accomplished recipe book writer who already has 10 great books!

And her experience shows!

One quote about it from the library journal states: “Berenbaum successfully bridges the gap between popular home baking collections and professional texts “…there is more read the rest of the review on Amazon.


If you are thinking of buying the book, check it out! The Baking Bible


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