Another Great Book For Chefs

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Are you a nerd? And a chef?

Are you looking for a cook book to help satisfy your need to learn more about the science of food?

Are you curious about how enzymes and acids effect the proteins in milk on a molecular level so that you can make cheese?

Perhaps you want to know why some sweeteners seem to taste so much sweeter than others even if the amount is the same?

If you ask these questions and more then…

Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen will answer many of your questions!

The book is more of a reference book. However, all the simple diagrams and simple explanations of complex molecular level reactions help even the novice gain a deeper understanding of food chemistry and how we get products like cheese and tofu!

If you really don’t want to buy it, we did find it here. However, we personally believe in supporting authors!

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